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TR CU 009/2011 On safety of perfumes and cosmetic products
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Технический регламент Таможенного союза ТР ТС 009/2011 устанавливает единые требования к парфюмерно-косметической продукции в потребительской таре, запускаемой в обращение на территории ТС. Он также определяет правила идентификации, данной разновидности изделий по способу, местам нанесения и цели их применения.

The Technical Regulation of the customs union TR CU 009/2011 On safety of perfumes and cosmetic products contains safety requirements for perfumery and cosmetic products, which are packaged for consumption and distribution in the EAEU. These rules are set for the protection of life, health, environment and property. The safety requirements are also applied to the products themselves. Furthermore, the rules aim to prevent misleading actions against the consumer.

The TR CU 009/2011 should ensure the uniform application and enforcement of the requirements for perfumes and cosmetic products in the territory of the customs union as well as the free movement of goods.

The perfumes and cosmetic products are safe in according to the TR CU 009/2011, if they meet the following criteria:

  • composition
  • physical and chemical parameters
  • microbiological parameters
  • content of toxic substances
  • amount of toxic measured values
  • clinical (clinical-laboratory) measurements
  • processing
  • consumer packaging
  • marking of products

Adopted on September 23, 2011
Came into force on July 1, 2012

The perfumes and cosmetic products are only allowed to enter the market in Russia and the EAEU when their conformity has been confirmed.

Application area of TR CU 009/2011

The Technical Regulation TR CU 009/2011 applies to perfumes and cosmetic products which are packaged for consumption in Russia and the EAEU.

The rules of TR CU 009/2011 are not applied to:

The Technical Regulation TR CU 009/2011 does not apply to products which are intended for:

  • swallowing
  • inhaling
  • injection
  • implantation

The conformity assessment process

The conformity assessment is carried out by the manufacturer (the authorized representative, importer). The confirmation of conformity with the requirements of the TR CU 009/2011 On safety of perfumes and cosmetic products, with the exception of products specified in Annex 12 of TR CU 009/2011, in the form of an EAC Declaration is available on the basis of manufacturer documentation.

The conformity of the products listed in Annex 12 is carried out in the form of the state registration.

This includes:

  • tanning creams
  • remedies for skin whitening
  • permanent make-up products
  • perfumes and cosmetic products for intimate care
  • cosmetics for children
  • peelings
  • depilatories
  • hair lighteners
  • perfumes and cosmetic products for permanent waves and hair straightening
  • perfumes and cosmetic products with nanoparticles
  • fluorinated oral hygiene products with a mass fraction of fluorides exceeding 0.15%
  • teeth whitening agents containing hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, zinc peroxide (hydrogen concentration not exceeding 0.1 to 6%)

Accompanying documents:

The supporting documents must be submitted in Russian or in the official language of the member state of the customs union. The accompanying documents include:

  • product description
  • instruction manual
  • labels
  • test reports
  • data sheet
  • composition
  • copy of the quality management system certificate

EAC Kennzeichnung

TR CU 009/2011 On safety of perfumes and cosmetic products

The products which conform with the requirements of TR CU 009/2011 , shall be marked with the EAC sign of the customs union. The marking itself must be affixed directly to each product or to the corresponding shipping documents. The marking must be made so that it is clearly legible and identifyable during the entirety if the product's lifespan. The appropriate marking may only be made when all necessary requirements for the Technical Regulation have been fulfilled

Period of validity of the EAC Declaration

The declaration for perfumes and cosmetic products is valid for 3 years.

On safety of perfumes and cosmetic products in the Russian language

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