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TR CU 024/2011 On oil and fat products
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The Technical Regulation of the customs union TR CU 024/2011 On oil and fat products sets the binding safety requirements that apply to oil and fat products and related processes of manufacture, storage, transport and distribution on the market of the EAEU area for the protection of life and health and to prevent misleading actions against the consumer.

The TR CU 024/2011 should ensure the uniform application and enforcement of the requirements for oil and fat products in the customs territory as well as the free movement of goods.

Adopted on December 9, 2011
Came into force on July 1, 2013

Oil and fat products may only enter the EAEU market when they meet the requirements of this and other EAEU Technical Regulations, if the appropriate conditions are met for the application and the conformity of the oil and fat products has been confirmed.

Application area of TR CU 024/2011

The Technical Regulation TR CU 024/2011 applies to the following oil and fat products:

Oil and fat products intended for human consumption:

  • vegetable oils
  • parts of vegetable oils
  • transesterified , deodorized, refined oils and fats
  • hydrogenated, refined, deodorized oils and fats
  • margarines
  • spreads containing fractions of animal and vegetable fats and oils
  • specialized fats, including edible, confectionery and pastry fats
  • milk fat substitute
  • cocoa butter equivalents
  • cocoa butter improvers of type SOS
  • cocoa butter substitute of type POP
  • non-thermostattable cocoa butter substitute
  • sauces based on vegetable oils
  • mayonnaise
  • mayonnaise sauces
  • creams based on vegetable oil
  • distilled glycerine

Non-food oil and fat products:

  • natural raw glycerin
  • soap

TR CU 024/2011 does not apply to:

The Technical Regulation TR CU 024/2011 does not apply to the following oil and fat products:

  • oil and fat products from non-industrial production, with the exception of vegetable oil
  • non-food oil and fat products, with the exception of natural, raw glycerin and soap

The conformity assessment process

The conformity assessment of the requirements of the Technical Regulation TR CU 024/2011 On oil and fat products is issued in the form of an EAC Declaration. The conformity assessment process is to be carried out on request and on the basis of the evidence provided by the applicant showing the conformity of the product with the corresponding set of rules. The corresponding evidence may also be provided by a certififying body or a test laboratory, which are registered in the uniform register of the EAEU as such.

It should be noted that the declaration of the oil and fat products is carried out according to different schemes, which are dictated by the TR.

Applying documents

The supporting documents for oil and fat products must be issued in the Russian language or in the official language of the member state of the customs union. The accompanying documents include:

  • test reports
  • data sheet
  • a copy of the certificate of conformity
  • a copy of the quality management system certificate
  • protocols of the manufacturing audit for serial production

EAC marking

EAC Certificate, EAC Certification in Germany

Products confirmed to conform with according to TR CU 024/2011 On oil and fat products shall be marked with the EAC marking.

Period of validity of the EAC Declaration

The EAC Declaration for oil and fat products is valid for 5 years.

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