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TRСU 022/2011 On food marking
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The Technical Regulation of the customs union TR CU 022/2011 On food marking specifies requirements for the labeling of food, namely date of manufacture, expiry date and name. Furthermore, requirements are set dictating guidelines on the average daily intake of basic nutrients and rules for the designation of energy value, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are contained in the products, in order to prevent actions which could deceive consumers.

The Technical Regulation TR CU 022/2011 aims to ensure the uniform application and enforcement of food labeling requirements in the customs union and to ensure the free movement of goods.

When applying TR CU 022/2011 further technical rules of the customs union for specific types of shall also take into account additional requirements of the Technical Regulation of the customs union on certain types of foodstuffs that do not contradict the current technical rules must be followed.

The appropriate marking of food in accordance with the rules of the TR СU 022/2011 is a prerequisite for the authorization, marketing, and handling of goods in the customs union.

Adopted on December 9, 2011
Came into force on July 25, 2013

Until 15 February 2013, products which conformed with the national regulations, such as GOST, and had been certified to do so before TR CU 022/2011 came into force were allowed to be put on the market. From this date forward only products which have been marked with the EAC marking and conform to TR CU 022/2011 are permitted.

Application area of TR CU 022/2011

The TR CU 022/2011 applies to all food placed on the market throughout the customs union.

The rules of TR CU 022/2011 do not apply to:

The Technical Regulations of customs union TR CU 022/2011 does not apply to foods within the context of catering services provided at the place of production, nor to food products produced by individuals within a private non-commercial agricultural enterprise.

Food marking requirements

The following mandatory requirements apply to packaged food.

The marking must include the following:

  • name
  • ingredients
  • quantity
  • date of manufacture
  • expiry date
  • storage requirements
  • data on the manufacturer, power of attorney or the importer
  • restrictions on use
  • nutritional information
  • information on GMO's
  • uniform EAC Marking of the Eurasian Economic Union

The marking shall be printed in Russian or in the official language of the member state of the customs union.

The marking of packaged food may include additional information, including trademarks, information on the sole proprietor of the trademark, origin or CE marking.

Alcohol-free beverages containing more than 150 mg/l of caffeine or medicinal plants and their extracts, which are adequate in quantity for the attainment of a toning effect, are to be marked with the corresponding label "Consumption not recommended for children under 18 years, pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as people suffering from inceased nervous irritability, insomnia or hypertension".

The components of the foodstuffs must be indicated in decreasing order of frequency.

The food identified according to the labeling must ensure the classification of the food as well as the truthful description and the distinguishability from other food.

It is prohibited to list any non-existent ingredients in the marking.

TR CU 022/2011 On food marking in the Russian language

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